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Prison Sentence for Drugs and Driving Offences

A 30-year-old man recently appeared at Edinburgh High Court where he pleaded guilty to the supply of controlled drugs and dangerous driving, reports Police Scotland.

He was driving on Calder Road in June this year when police tried to stop him. In an attempt to avoid being detained the man proceeded to execute a number of dangerous manoeuvres that put other road users at risk, including driving the wrong way round a roundabout, before eventually coming to a stop.
When police searched his car they found heroin worth more than £500,000 and £15,000 in cash. A subsequent search of his home revealed further associated paraphernalia, which was removed by police.
In court he was given a prison sentence amounting to seven years and four months and also a six year disqualification from driving.
“The large quantity of heroin, cash, mobile phones and other paraphernalia seized at Macaulay’s address demonstrated his involvement in organised crime offences, including drug supply,” explained Detective Inspector Bruce Coutts of Corstorphine CID. “He also went to great lengths, as shown in court, to evade arrest.”
“His arrest and conviction came about through concerted efforts by road policing officers and detectives and shows that we continue to utilise all resources at our disposal to tackle serious and organised crime, bringing offenders to justice and making our communities safer,” he added.

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