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The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) regulates pharmacy professionals in Great Britain. Overseeing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and their workplaces, the GPhC ensures professionals operate in a manner that is safe and meets the required standard. Following a complaint, the GPhC will conduct an investigation, the outcome of which will inform their decision on whether to initiate disciplinary proceedings or raise a hearing. In some cases, an interim hearing may be held to come to a decision as to whether the professional can continue practising throughout the investigation period. As your solicitor, we do all we can to ensure you can hold your position – as professionals ourselves, we understand what the importance of staying in practice is to any professional. We will advise you with regards to giving evidence at the hearing, and represent you before the committee to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

For fitness to practise complaints, the GPhC will have to first consider if the complaint amounts to a fitness to practise issue. Once satisfied, a GPhC Fitness to Practise Investigation will be initiated. The pharmacy professional will have the opportunity to provide evidence at the GPhC at this stage. The GPhC’s Investigating Committee will then decide whether there is a case to answer. With expert solicitors on your side, we can make representations on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome. We have dealt with several cases where the Council has been persuaded at this stage not to proceed further.

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Fitness to Practise Complaints

A fitness to practise complaint may arise where a pharmacist or pharmacy assistant fails to reach the standards of competence and conduct required to practice their work safely and appropriately. The circumstances where your fitness to practise may come into question include misconduct; a lack of competence in your professional ability; impaired ability due to ill health; a conviction or caution for a criminal offence; or if you have been placed on a barred list preventing you from working with children or young adults.

When deciding whether or not a professional’s fitness to practise is impaired, the GPhC must first consider evidence to conclude whether the conduct complained of amount to misconduct or a lack of competence. The GPhC will then decide if the conduct complained of will deem you unfit to practice. This will be decided by looking at the conduct and deciding whether it would amount to a risk of harm to patients; if there is a way to remedy the conduct by undertaking training; and if it is likely there will be a reoccurrence of the conduct. The GPhC will also consider if the profession has been brought into disrepute as a result of the conduct complained of.

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A fitness to practise hearing will be called where the GPhC decide there is a case to answer. At the hearing, the Council will hear evidence on both sides, and consider whether they find the allegations proven. Our solicitors are well versed in representing professionals facing fitness to practise allegations. We do all we can to see that you can continue working until a decision has been made. We are dedicated to producing a robust strategy for our clients, ensuring you the best possible outcome.

If the GPhC find the pharmacist’s fitness to practise is impaired, they will then consider what the most appropriate sanction is to be. The sanctions can be anything from a warning to suspension or even removal from the professional register.

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