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Interdicts & Non-Harassment Orders in Scotland
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Interdicts & Non-Harassment Orders Solicitors in Glasgow, Scotland

Our experienced family law solicitors in Glasgow, Scotland, are here to help you obtain Interdicts and Non-Harassment Orders, providing a strong legal shield against harassment, abuse, and intimidation.

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What are Interdicts & Non-Harassment Orders?

Interdicts, also known as injunctions, are court orders that prohibit a person from carrying out certain actions or behaviours. 

Interdicts, also known as injunctions, are court orders that prohibit a person from carrying out certain actions or behaviours. If someone is causing harm, posing a threat, or engaging in harmful conduct towards you, an interdict can prevent them from continuing such actions. It offers a powerful legal tool to protect your rights, safety, and personal boundaries.

A Non-Harassment Order is a specific type of interdict designed to protect you from unwanted, alarming, or distressing behaviour. Whether it’s unwanted contact, stalking, or any form of harassment, a Non-Harassment Order empowers the court to impose restrictions on the perpetrator’s conduct, safeguarding your well-being.



How can our Family Law Solicitors help?

Our empathetic solicitors will listen attentively to your concerns and assess the situation objectively. We understand the sensitivity of such matters and will treat your case with utmost confidentiality and respect.

If your case proceeds to court, you can rely on our experienced solicitors for dedicated representation. We will advocate for your safety and rights, presenting compelling arguments to secure the Interdict or Non-Harassment Order in your favor.

Based on your circumstances, we will explain the legal options available to you. We’ll guide you through the process of obtaining an Interdict or Non-Harassment Order, outlining the potential outcomes and steps involved.

Our skilled family law solicitors will meticulously prepare the necessary legal documents to present a strong case before the court. We will ensure that all relevant information is included, seeking to obtain the protection you need.