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Employment Law For Employees
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Employment Law Solicitors for Employees

While employment law allows companies to reduce their staff due to economic constraints, this has to be done in a fair and reasonable manner to be lawful.

We are currently investigating a number of cases where employees have had their contracts terminated with little or no justification.

Employment Law For Employees
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Employment Law Advice Glasgow

The core of our employment law work is in acting for employees and employers in contentious employment situations, including representation in employment tribunals. 

We advise employees on their legal remedies and their prospects of success should they wish to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal. This usually relates to dismissal or discrimination.

Our basic charging structure is £40 per quarter hour, but at our first meeting with each client we provide a quotation of what you can expect to pay for each piece of work, and we will then provide this quotation in writing.

We can calculate the likely cost based on what we charge for individual pieces of work which we offer, which include the following:


Where employer and employee are in conflict, feelings run high on both sides. The investment each has made in the workplace can generate emotions which can act as an insurmountable barrier to matters being resolved.

We have experience in taking confrontational situations down a different road, and providing a basis for a settlement which avoids the need for litigation which is protracted, expensive and only generates further tension.

We have represented employees and employers in negotiating the terms of severance deals which ultimately removed the threat of further litigation and conflict.

If we can negotiate a severance deal, this is normally put in writing in a Compromise Agreement which both sides sign. The basic structure of these agreements is that the employer will pay the employee a lump sum, but in return will expect the employee to give up his or her right to pursue matters in either Court or an Employment tribunal.

We regularly provide advice to employees who have been presented with such documents on what their rights are. The legal fees for these tend to be met largely by the employer.


Should negotiation be unsuccessful, the only way an employee can attempt to hold the employer to account is by bringing a claim at the Employment Tribunal. We have experience in lodging claims at the Tribunal for unfair dismissal, breach of contract and discrimination.

Our service covers lodging the required Tribunal documentation, liaising with the Tribunal regarding further procedure and dates, preparing witnesses and negotiating possible settlement. If a hearing is required to resolve matters, we are experienced in conducting litigation.

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Employment Law For Employees FAQs

Our rates are calculated on the following basis: 

  • lodging ET1/ET3 and fixing hearing – £500, 
  • negotiating settlement prior to a hearing – £500, 
  • appearance at Tribunal – £650 per day


(All fees are subject to VAT.)

After being dismissed, many clients are understandably reluctant to commit themselves to paying substantial legal fees. At the same time, the circumstances of their dismissal may well mean there is no time when they need legal advice more. 

The rules regarding unfair dismissal do not allow employees long to find their feet – any claim has to be lodged within three months of the date of termination, or will be out of time. 

To assist, we therefore offer the following: 

  • if you have a home insurance policy which offers legal cover, we can liaise with your insurers about providing you with advice regarding the circumstances of your dismissal. Often these policies allow you to nominate the solicitor of your choosing, and we have previously been instructed by the leading providers of legal cover. 
  • if you do not have such a policy, we may be able to obtain funding from the Scottish Legal Aid Board for an assessment of your prospects. This will depend largely on whether your individual financial circumstances, and will not usually be available, for example, where you have received a redundancy payment. 
  • if you do not have legal cover and do not qualify for Legal Aid, we can agree with you a fixed fee for meeting with you to discuss your dismissal, looking over the papers relating to this, and then providing you with an opinion on your prospects of a successful claim. This fixed fee will be £350 to £400 plus VAT, depending on the complexity of the case.