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Have you Received a Citation to Attend Court?

A citation is document received from the Procurator Fiscal with a date when a person requires to answer a charge at Court.

A citation can be received by post, delivered by the police or collected from a local Police Office.

The citation will tell you what court to appear at, the date of the initial hearing (Pleading Diet), the time of the hearing and details of the charge. It will often include a brief summary of the alleged incident as described by the Police.
You must answer the charge by the date noted on the citation.

Do I need to attend court personally when the case calls in court?

No, depending on how you intend to plead to the charge you may be able to instruct a solicitor to attend on your behalf.

If you have work commitments, holiday commitments, child care issues or illness it is likely that one of our solicitors can appear on your behalf at the Pleading Diet.

When the case calls in court for the first time there are three options:

1. plead Not Guilty

2. plead Guilty

3. continue the case without plea for further enquiries

Normally if you wish to plead Not Guilty or have the case continued for further enquiry there will be no requirement to attend personally. One of our solicitors can attend.

Should you wish to plead Guilty is likely you will require to attend court. On certain occasions minor criminal charges can be dealt with by a solicitor attending court and pleading guilty in a client’s absence.

What if I accept some of the charges but not all of them?

We have a daily working relationship with the Procurator Fiscals office and often one our Solicitors can negotiate an amendment to the charges on behalf of a client.

Do I need a Solicitor?

Yes, it is important you receive legal advice as soon as possible. You will be asked to plead Guilty or Not Guilty at the first hearing (Pleading Diet). Our Solicitors represent accused persons on a daily basis. An appointment can take place at one of our offices or an arrangement can be made to meet an accused person at court on the day of the Pleading Diet. The involvement of a Solicitor at an early stage can often allow discussions with the Procurator Fiscal regarding the charges. Often the charges can be negotiated and on some occasions the Procurator Fiscal can decide that no further action is necessary.

Will I get Legal Aid?

In very many criminal cases accused persons receive Legal Aid. The type of Legal Aid differs depending on how a person wishes to plead to the charges. If you are not working you will almost certainly be eligible for Legal Aid. If you are in employment then Legal Aid is still widely available and will take into account both your income and outgoings. This includes dependents. We can discuss Legal Aid with clients at an initial consultation.

What happens if I don’t qualify for Legal Aid or earn too much?

We are more than happy to agree a private fee with any client in the event Legal Aid is not available. We will often agree a fixed fee or a suitable payment agreement. Fees can often be paid monthly by direct debit or standing order. Fees can be paid by credit/debit card.

Is initial advice always Free?

Yes, we offer a 20 minute initial consultation free of charge. This is a chance to ask one of our Solicitors any questions you have and to decide how to progress the case.

Legal Aid Solicitors Glasgow

We are members of The Law Society of Scotland and are registered to provide Legal Aid by The Scottish Legal Aid Board. Legal Aid may be available in many cases.

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We understand that being accused of a crime is a stressful experience. That’s why we provide 24 hour assistance for emergencies and effective representation should you require to appear before any court.

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