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Zero tolerance for knife crime offenders

Anyone arrested with a knife in Scotland’s town and city centres will now be prosecuted before a Sheriff and jury, resulting in a potential increase of a maximum prison term from one year to four years.

The strengthened prosecution policy for anyone found in possession of a knife in town and city centres has been introduced as a result of a successful pilot over the Christmas and New Year festive period aimed at deterring knife offences and reducing violence.

The six-week pilot provided a snapshot of knife related crime and demonstrated the value in making the tougher action a permanent feature of the fight to deter violence and protect communities.

The number of knife crime offences reported to the prosecution service during the pilot was down to 212 – a reduction by 18% from the same period the previous year. Of those offences committed within a town or city centre, 58 offenders were placed on petition and face more serious penalties.

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