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Stirling Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court Criminal Defence Lawyers Solicitors

Facing a Stirling Sheriff or Justice of the Peace  Court criminal case? Do you need advice from a criminal defence solicitor? Our lawyers will provide free initial advice, call us on {{CONTACT_NUMBER_CONTENT}} (24 hours)

If you have received a  citation to attend a court in Stirling our highly experienced criminal defence team can help. Our lawyers regularly appear in Glasgow courts and in courts throughout Scotland. We can advise on bail undertakings, police interviews, bail applications, variation of bail conditions and all aspects of criminal defence work.

You may be facing prosecution for a road traffic offence in Stirling and the surrounding area and loss of your licence is a possibilty. We can advise you on the case against you and mount a vigourous defence of your position . There may be technical issues that you may not be aware of eg time bar, which could bring the prosecution against you to an end. Legal advice should always be obtained before tendering a plea to the charges against you.

To receive free initial legal advice on all Stirling criminal court matters contact us on {{CONTACT_NUMBER_CONTENT}} .(24 hours)