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Small Businesses Losing Out Due to Fear of Social Media

THREE in four potential customers go elsewhere when they find a small business has a weak social media presence. A survey conducted by Business Network International (BNI) found that 75% of business owners have been “put off” a particular company due to the fact that they either don’t have a website or if they find it has content which is old or of poor quality.

The research found that small businesses in particular seem to have difficulty getting the social media balance right, perhaps due to lack of time, funding, or specific expertise in the area.

Charlie Lawson, BNI’s National Director, said: “There are businesses which have the various social media profiles and accounts, yet no content, others that bombard with promotional messages, and a large proportion that don’t engage at all. These three strands are a combination of why SMEs are failing in their social media usage.

”One of the concerns picked up by the Glasgow Law Practice among small business clients is fear of potential litigation. However, we have been able to develop strategic advice which can be applied across the board on how to seek business and engage with customers without the risks attached with entering into contractual relationships.

The survey did show that social media can be an effective marketing strategy when used correctly, with 60% of participants confirming that they had used platforms such as Twitter to build successful relationships, which ultimately led to new business.

*Louise Bain advises clients of The Glasgow Law Practice on employment law, commercial law and social media. Contact