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Personal Injury Claims GlasgowWelcome to the home page of The Glasgow Law Practice Personal Injury Department. For personal injury claims, The Glasgow Law Practice partners with specialists L&M MediLaw.

If you have suffered an accident or received an injury that was not your fault in the last 3 years then our qualified personal injury lawyers can assist. All of our solicitors are members of The Law Society of Scotland and their work is guaranteed. Contact our solicitors who can take you through the proper claims procedure and help you to claim the compensation that‘s due to you.

No Win, No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors Glasgow

The Glasgow Law Practice also operates on a no win, no fee basis. If your claim is unsuccesful you won't pay us a penny. If you win, our costs are recovered from the other side.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

We have a dedicated Road Traffic Accident department which deals solely with issues and claims arising out of road traffic accidents. Our team can assist you in relation to all aspects of your claim, including arranging for repairs to be carried out; a courtesy car during the repair period; pursue any claim arising out of the injuries you have received as a result of the accident, including claims for physical injuries, loss of earnings or inconvenience. Contact us today on 0141 673 8450 .

Why instruct the Glasgow Law Practice?

Quite simply we know the law and we also know all of the procedures involved in pursuing your claim. Unlike claims management companies, we are able to provide you with legal advice and to raise court actions on your behalf should this be necessary.

It is normally the case that insurance companies will act for a person or company who has a claim raised against them. The insurance company will then routinely instruct a solicitor to assess the claim and determine liability and then compensation. You should also have the benefit of a solicitor to protect your interests and to advise you regarding the legal arguments that are involved and we are in a position to help. The reality is that most claims are settled without the need for court action and we have considerable experience of this process. If a court action does require to be raised to pursue your claim we shall only do so on your instruction. Our solicitors will advise you from the start of your claim as to the position in respect of fees and the impact of this in respect of any award of damages.

Contact our Personal Injury solicitors now on 0141 673 8450 for free initial advice. We are local to you and ready to assist.

The litigation team at The Glasgow Law Practice has extensive experience in dealing with all types of personal injury cases across Scotland including:

Our lawyers know all of the relevant case law and the ways in which the courts of Scotland operate to compensate people who have been injured and are due damages. You can contact our personal injury lawyers in complete confidence. We shall provide a free initial assessment of your situation and advise whether or not a claim can be pursued by us on your behalf.

What can you claim for?

Pain and Suffering

  • Physical and psychological injury.
  • Medical evidence will be instructed by us on your behalf.

Loss of Earnings

If you are absent from employment on account of your injury then we can claim your loss. Separately, you may be entitled to apply for industrial benefits if you have an accident at work or if you suffer from industrial disease.  A benefits application should be made and we can assist with this.

Loss of Future Earnings

If you injury prevents you returning to work or results in you having to change jobs to a lesser paid job then we can claim your loss.

Loss of Pension Rights

If you lose a job because of your injury and lose pension rights as a result we can include this in your claim.

Special Damages

i.e. damage caused to personal effects such as clothing, spectacles, dentures, jewellery, taxi fares to hospital and prescription charges.  You should retain such damaged items along with receipts as the Defenders may wish to inspect.


We can claim for assistance provided by relatives and/or services you could not provide to them because of your injury.

You can also read more about claiming for personal injury elsewhere in the UK at Unlock The Law.

Contact our Personal Injury Solicitors in Glasgow, Scotland

Based in Glasgow, our solicitors are waiting to hear from you, whatever legal advice you need. Or come in to see us at of our offices.

Contact us now on
0141 673 8450
for a free consultation.

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