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The core of our employment law work is in acting for employees and employers in contentious employment situations. We advise employers on their obligations under employment law on a daily basis, and the steps they should take to protect their interests and to avoid an award being made against them. We also give our clients advice when a claim is made against them for unfair dismissal, discrimination, or breach of contract.

Our basic charging structure is £40 per quarter hour, but at our first meeting with each client we will provide a quotation of what you can expect to pay for each piece of work, and we will then provide this quotation in writing.

We will calculate the likely cost based on what we charge for individual pieces of work which we offer, which include the following:

Employment Law Training & Advice Glasgow

We are experienced in providing interactive training in the principals of employment law. For employers, we tailor this to provide managers with practical, down-to-earth guidance on how sensitive employment matters can be dealt with to minimise the risk of future litigation. In most cases where employers have to pay compensation at the Employment Tribunal, it is due to a procedural failure rather than a lack of evidence, and seeking legal advice after decisions have been made is often too late to alter the eventual outcome.

We offer two different two-hour training seminars, with supporting documentation, for up to six staff at a time at the following rates:

  • Managing Disciplinary Procedures - £300
  • Managing Redundancies - £450


Good employment practice requires a clear understanding on the part of both managers and staff of what is expected in the workplace. Situations where there is no clear guidance to employees can become a breeding ground for misunderstandings, conflict, and, ultimately, claims and litigation. By law, employees must be provided with a written contract of employment, which should cover areas such as hours, wage, holidays, notice, and the arrangements for sick pay and maternity leave. Many of our clients go further by setting out in clear terms their policies in relation to areas such as workplace conduct, disciplinary procedures, absence reporting, internet use, and internal reporting procedures, thus removing any room for future difficulties.

Our rates for providing tailored documentation for our clients is:

  • contracts of employment - £60 per page, or £300 for up to eight pages
  • employee handbooks - £700 for up to 24 pages


Where employer and employee are in conflict, feelings run high on both sides. The investment each has made in the workplace can generate emotions which can act as an insurmountable barrier to matters being resolved. We have experience in taking confrontational situations down a different road, and providing a basis for a settlement which avoids the need for litigation which is protracted, expensive and only generates further tension. We represent employers in negotiating the terms of severance deals which ultimately removed the threat of further litigation and conflict.

Our rate for drafting a Compromise Agreement is:

  • £50 per page, or £650 for up to 20 pages.


Should a claim ultimately require to proceed, we have experience in defending claims on behalf of employers. Our service covers lodging the required Tribunal documentation, liaising with the Tribunal regarding further procedure and dates, preparing witnesses and negotiating possible settlement. If a hearing is required to resolve matters, we are experienced in conducting litigation.

Our rates are calculated on the following basis:

  • lodging ET3 and fixing hearing - £500,
  • negotiating settlement prior to a hearing - £500,
  • appearance at Tribunal - £650 per day.

* All fees are subject to VAT.

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