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Where to be in 2021: up-and-coming areas in Glasgow

Half of the skill in buying any property is timing. With many of the areas around Glasgow undergoing significant regeneration and investment many of the older areas of the city are being revamped and becoming popular areas for first-time buyers and property buyers. Click here to read our property lawyers' guide to the main steps involved in purchasing property in Scotland.

Legal guide to buying a home in Glasgow in 2021

Whilst there is a benefit in buying a property at the right time, it is also important to know the right area to invest in. With prices rising across Glasgow, and the UK in general it can be tough to establish what really is a good investment, and what your property could be worth in a few years time. Thankfully, at the Glasgow Law Practice we know Glasgow. Therefore, we take you through the major up-and-coming areas in Scotland’s largest city.

Buying a home in Dalmarnock, Glasgow

One of the easiest ways to find out what the up-and-coming areas in a city will be is to look at the development or properties. With the development of properties along the Clyde in Glasgow, Dalmarnock is fast becoming one of the most rejuvenated areas in the city centre. Home to Glasgow's athletes village, the area, is perhaps one of the areas to benefit the most from the Commonwealth Games legacy. With a new school and further housing to be built in the area, Dalmarnock is an area that is certainly on the rise. It offers the perfect blend of modern housing in one of the oldest areas of the city. With the Forge, Celtic Park and other sporting locations near by it is the perfect area to move but still be near the city. Indeed, areas around Dalmarnock have also risen in value over the last year, showing that the east end of the city has improved greatly.

Moving to New Gorbals, Glasgow

As the southside of Glasgow continues to become ever popular in the city a series of new housing developments have begun in the New Gorbals. Near Crown Street just down from the under construction Glasgow City College campus, new, modern housing is being developed. The unique brickwork and layout of the flats, with large windows and panoramic views across the area, is replacing the old flats once seen in the area. With new developments scheduled for the area and the new Glasgow City College and Nautical College nearby, the area is undergoing significant change and regeneration and is certainly an area to potentially invest in. Indeed in the last year, with the building of new properties, values in the area has risen by over £11,000.

Purchasing a home in Glasgow's Langside

The south side of the city is fast becoming one of the most popular areas for people to stay, with even Hollywood A-listers like Gerard Butler moving to the area. Shawlands, Strathbungo and other areas of the city are already well established. However, areas such as Langside are becoming increasingly popular as demand in the area continues to grow. With numerous eateries and restaurants as well as open space, the south side is fast becoming an ideal place to raise a family, have a community lifestyle but still be near the heart of Glasgow. The property values in Langside have risen remarkably in the last few years, with properties up by close to £5,000 this calendar year. With numerous primary and secondary schools, it represents the perfect location for young families looking to have their first home.

Contact our Glasgow lawyers for property purchases & sales in 2021

With property prices at an all-time high, it is vital when buying a property that you get the best deal, and the best property that suits you. We understand that buying a property will be one of the most important financial transactions you will ever get involved with. It can be a complicated business, but your property solicitor can help to guide you through the process and will explain the procedure and offer you expert advice. Contact our team today using our online contact form.

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