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Moving to Glasgow’s Southside? Our Property Lawyers' Guide

glasgow southside legal property guide scotlandThe south side of Glasgow is one of the most culturally diverse and growing areas of the city, with a hub of new restaurants, clubs and bars a few miles from the city centre. The area offers a wide variety of housing and is regarded by many as an up-and-coming area of Glasgow.

The south side of the city has a real community feel with many residents opting to work and spend social time in the area. The southside of Glasgow boasts some of the city’s finest properties and tourist hotspots.

Legal Guide to Buying a House in Glasgow's Southside or Across Scotland

The south side of the area offers the quiet of being outside the city while being at the heart of another community. The area is filled with bars and restaurants with locals often sitting al fresco during the summer. Some of the finest parks are also located in the south, with Pollok Park and Queen’s Park being two of the largest in the area. These large parks, near numerous residential areas, provide the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hampden Park, the National Stadium, can be found in Mount Florida, an area that also benefitted from hosting numerous events at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

The area has numerous live music events as part of the south side festival as well as a Farmers market in Queen’s Park, with numerous others shops located at Shawlands Arcade. Transport in the area is second to none, with trains, the city subway and frequent buses keeping the area connected to the heart of Glasgow. Click here to read our property lawyers' guide to the main steps involved in purchasing property in Scotland.

Buying A Property in the South side

The south side of Glasgow provides a perfect blend of old and modern housing with numerous new developments being built across the area. The blend of Victorian sandstone architecture and sleek modern apartment complexes means that the south side offers housing for all types of families and lifestyles.


Located in the heart of the south side, Shawlands provides a perfect combination of old and modern housing. This provides the ideal property for young professionals in their first job, and students. The housing in the area provides the perfect variety of accommodation with flats, houses and rented properties available to buy. As the Shawlands area continues to develop, and more businesses and people wish to move to the area, it has created a significant growth in the demand for property in the area. In the last five years property in the G41 area of Shawlands has risen by 8%, over £11,00. Since 2014, the asking price for properties has increased by £7,500. This is part due to the success of the Commonwealth Games, but also the ever-growing popularity of the south side. With the average rent of a property in Shawlands being just over £500, it can provide the perfect opportunity for those looking to rent for a year, or longer, in Glasgow.


Giffnock has had one of the largest growths in regard to the price of properties due to a large number of high-quality houses, regeneration and a number of good schools. Due to its location on the outskirts of the city it provides the perfect respite from the city centre while taking full advantage of everything the city has to offer. Giffnock has seen a significant rise of over £16,000 in the last year with a £25,000 rise in the last five years. While there is still a large demand for property in Giffnock, the average asking price is around £355,000 and certainly represents a significantly more expensive market than the average Scottish property price. Giffnock is the ideal place to buy property for families looking for a family home and is a significant investment for the future. Giffnock has seen an 8% rise in property values in the last five years with asking prices rising significantly.


Thornliebank is the ideal location for first-time buyers, families and those looking to have a bit of distance between themselves and work. Located six miles south of Glasgow new houses first-time buyers and young families. Thornliebank has witnessed a surge in new housing with new estates and modern accommodation, with the vast majority of housing being detached. The popularity of the area can be seen that in five years the property value has increased by £7,000 since the 2010 prices, however in the last year alone the property values have risen by £6,000 from said level showing the growing popularity of the area.

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