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Moving to Glasgow’s West End? Our Property Lawyers' Guide

Glasgow’s West End is a melting pot of culture, hip restaurants and unique properties with each street having its distinct style and flavour.

From quaint side streets with hidden stores to the hustle and bustle of Byres Road, Glasgow's’ West End has a little bit of everything for everyone. So if you have just bought a property, or are considering moving to the West End, what do you need to know? Our property lawyers help clients buy and sell property in the West End of Glasgow every month so below is our guide to what you need to know about moving to the West End.

Buying A Property in Glasgow's West End

glasgow west end property lawyersFinding a property can be half the battle when looking to move anywhere. Glasgow’s West End offers a large array of properties from old high-roofed flats to modern apartments. Based near one of Scotland’s largest universities, there is a constant property market with students vacating to match their semesters and study schedule.

With the property market booming in Scotland, and many keen to buy or sell before the Land Tax Reforms, there has never been such a perfect time to make the move to one of the hubs of Glasgow.

Finding a property in the West End is not as difficult as some places with numerous options to suit all living types and the vast majority of budgets. For more details on buying a property in Scotland check out our guide to buying a property in Scotland or contact us in one of our numerous Glasgow based offices or online.

Keep Up With The Trends - Kelvingrove to Byres Road

Glasgow’s West End is ever-changing, with new shops, pubs and eateries cropping up every month. It is one of the trendiest areas of the city to stay and suits those from party-goers to quiet coffee drinkers. The West End has some of the most popular aspects of Glasgow life from the lights of Ashton Lane or Viper to the quiet solace of Kelvingrove, a live gig at The Loft or Oran Mor or a array of food and drink in Byres Roads’ numerous cafes and brasseries. With so much to do and numerous pubs, parks and museums to visit, the West End provides a never-ending hub of culture and entertainment.

Near the Action

The West End offers the perfect blend of being near the heart of the city, but with the peace and quiet of suburbia. While the hustle and bustle of Byres Road or Great Western Road are all but never ending, there are many quiet areas and side streets a mere stones throw from the heart of Bohemia. The Hydro and SECC are a few miles away, with Glasgow’s city centre a simple saunter away or a ten minute taxi journey away.

The West End is perceived to be a safe place for a night out. Its mix of stylish bars and cafes, upmarket restaurants and bistros and European, outdoor seating create an environment which is starkly different to the raucous bustle of the city centre.


With the West End being a more affluent area of the city, it is the ideal place for the modern professional to locate. The blend of modern culture with students and upmarket flats allows a bohemian atmosphere to flourish. Whether it be in the city centre or at Pacific Quay, the public transports system, from buses to Glasgow’s Subway make the West End the ideal place to settle and commute.

Legal Guide to Buying a House in Glasgow's West End or Across Scotland

For most of us, buying a house or a flat (whether in the West End of Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland) will be one of the most important financial transactions you will ever get involved with. It can be a complicated business but your property solicitor can help to guide you through the process and will explain the procedure and offer you expert advice. Click here to read our property lawyers' guide to the main steps involved in purchasing property in Scotland.

Contact Our Glasgow Lawyers for West End Property Purchases & Sales

If you require legal assistance or need advice about purchasing or selling a house in Glasgow’s West End, contact our Glasgow based team of property lawyers today through our online contact form or call us today on 0141 552 9193 .

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