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Legal Guide to Buying a Family Home in Glasgow, Scotland

The city is an ideal place for young people, socialites and professionals, however, it is not the ideal place to raise a family. Knowing that your children can play in the streets, have friends near them and go to good schools in the area can make your house a home. We take a look at some of the best areas to settle down in Glasgow with a family.

legal guide to buying a family home glasgowPurchasing a Family Property in Glasgow

Many of areas in the city centre consist mainly of modern or luxury flats near hub areas. While this may be ideal for young professionals looking to commute quickly to work, more space is needed for children with flats and city centre locations perhaps not being the best place to raise your family.

As Glasgow benefits from the Commonwealth legacy, more areas of the city are slowly developing into quaint housing estates. Most commonly located on the outskirts of the city they provide the perfect blend of city life and suburbia, with families having the best of both worlds. We take a look at some of the up-and-coming areas in the city and analyse the best areas to look to move to in the city centres.

Moving to Parkhouse, Glasgow

Perhaps an unusual start to this guide but rather than focus on the more established areas we thought we would begin with an up-and-coming area in the south side of the city. Located near Pollok Park, Parkhouse provides the perfect blend of being out of the heart of the city but close enough to the centre to have easy access. The area has fine access to the motorway meaning that it is an easy enough commute for work and has a fine selection of schools either in the south or elsewhere in the city. The area has undergone significant amounts of investment recently with new detached houses being built in estates. This can be seen by the rise in the last five years in the area with prices rising by over £10,000. The demand to live in the G53 can be seen with the average asking price at least £20,000 over the value of the house, this shows the popularity in the area, and with more detached, modern housing expected to be built in the near future, more and more families are flocking to the area. In comparison to some areas popular with buyers in Glasgow the area represents a real bargain and is certainly an area to look out for in the near future.

Buying a Family Home in Bearsden

Bearsden is a now well-established family area of Glasgow, located six miles from the city centre it provides the perfect blend of tranquility and community while still being near the heart of the action. Bearsden is arguably what Parkhouse now is with many families opting to move there in the past. The area has a substantial property value with a constant demand for properties in the area meaning that it is always easy to sell if needed. The detached, high-roofed housing provide the perfect environment for families of all ages with new families not having to worry about neighbours at all times of the night. The area has everything a family could wish for with a local skiing club and fantastic schools, properties with gardens and large open public spaces. Property values in Bearsden have risen by over £24,000 since 2010 prices, with the average property being close to double the national property price, with the average property values being surplus £300,000.

Purchasing a Family Property in Tollcross

The East End, as mentioned in one of our previous guides has benefitted from the Commonwealth Games with much of the legacy affecting the area. The east of Glasgow has had substantial work done, as the Athletes Village change to housing and venues become public people are slowly moving to the area following its regeneration. The transport links to the area have been significantly improved with new road works and other aspects improving the area. The city council has already announced plans to build a new school in the area, and with modern detached and semi-detached housing, areas and housing estates such as The Village and Springbank are proving very popular. In a year, property values have risen by more than £6,000 and is certainly an area for families to consider before the regeneration is complete.

Legal Guide to Buying a Family Home in Glasgow or Across Scotland

Areas such as Parkhouse and Tollcross are on the up and certainly are areas to keep a close eye on if you are interested in buying property, however Glasgow has numerous options for families to purchase property such as Eaglesham and even areas such as East Kilbride. Click here to read our property lawyers' guide to the main steps involved in purchasing property in Scotland.

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