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Separation and Divorce; Contact and Residence Orders for Children

Our Glasgow Law Practice family law solicitors regularly appear in courts throughout Scotland in respect of family law contact disputes. We are also skilled in preventing matters reaching court where possible, through careful negotiation to ensure contact arrangements that best protect the interests of the children involved are achieved.

Do not be frustrated or distressed with difficulties with contact with your children, we can assist you to resolve matters by agreement or with the assistance of the court.


At times of family change and disruption, we can help families to work to lessen the conflict and find a way to make arrangements and to communicate, for the sake of the children. 


We can assist to make a routine of days and times for contact, with safe arrangements for the handover of the children.  A routine for contact can give reassurance to the child and the non-resident parent, and allow the resident parent the freedom to make plans, whether formal for doctor’s appointments and the like, or social plans. 


We understand that the resident parent can feel under pressure to make the children available for contact, “as demanded”; just as the other parent can feel frustrated and disappointed if a request for contact is refused without explanation, or contact cancelled. Many families find that letters focusing on putting the children’s needs first and explaining misunderstandings can assist in such difficult periods of personal hurt and anger. 


We can also assist with any court action for contact or welfare arrangements for the children, if agreement cannot be reached, or perhaps if it is considered that contact would not be in the best interests of the child.  Our family team appear regularly in all the local Sheriff Courts, and will be able to assist you at Child Welfare Hearings, and throughout the whole court process.


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