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Making Scotland safer for women and girls

Everyone is entitled to feel safe and respected, but the sad fact is that many in Scotland, particularly women and girls, do not. Last week, the Scottish Government launched the Equally Safe strategy which is aimed at eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls.

The strategy, the first of its kind in Scotland, covers the full range of violent crimes which are committed against women, including domestic abuse, rape, commercial sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation.

It identifies the need to eradicate the systemic gender inequality believed to lie at the heart of the problem and seeks to ensure that when such crimes occur the response of the authorities is swift and effective.

While the strategy calls on law enforcement agencies to play their part in tackling the issue, it also calls on our society in general, and specifically agencies such as the NHS and social work organisations to take an active role to resolve the problem.

An intrinsic part of the strategy is a comprehensive review of the justice system in Scotland. According to the Scottish Government that reveiw will look at the current law relating to sexual offences and domestic abuse to ascertain whether additional criminal offences should be introduced.

At the same time figures from two Scottish Crime and Justice Surveys reveal that, in the last 12 months:

  • 6% of all adults experienced at least one form of stalking or harrasssment;
  • 4% of adult women compared to 1% of adult men had experienced serious sexual assault
  • 94% of serious sexual assaults were carried out by men with 83% of victims knowing theie attacker and 54% saying that their attacker was their partner.

Although Equally Safe acknowledges that men and boys can also experience violence, what the strategy aims to highlight is that simply being female can lead to a range of discrimination and disadvantage.

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