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Results of road safety initiative released

Police Scotland is carrying out a two week initiative aimed at encouraging safer driving and cycling in Edinburgh’s city centre.

The initiative started on 18th November and in the past week, Police Scotland advise that they have spoken to 186 motorists and 129 cyclists.

In fifteen cases offers of conditional fixed penalty fines were issued for offences including using a mobile phone while driving, cyclists cycling through red traffic lights or cycling on pavements, and taxi drivers waiting out with authorised taxi ranks.

One driver received an ASBO warning for careless driving

PC Stephen Kirk, from Police Scotland, commented: “We noticed that cyclists have a lack of knowledge as to what is illegal, for example cycling on pavements and failing to obey red traffic lights. We also found that drivers would use their Sat Navs as an excuse for failing to obey a ‘no entry’ sign. A number of drivers were warned not to stop in a cycle stop box, which is an offence that carries three points and a £100 fine.”

A similar initiative has also been underway in London where 2,500 police officers were deployed on London’s streets during the rush hour in order to promote road safety, the BBC reported. This follows the recent spate of cyclist deaths on London’s roads when six cyclists were killed in road traffic accidents between 5th and 18th November.

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