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Public Sector Cuts: Voluntary Severance and Compromise Agreements, Glasgow Employment Lawyers

Our Glasgow Law Practice employment lawyers have been consulted by an increasing number of public sector employees in recent weeks who are facing job loss. They have often been presented with compromise agreements and voluntary severance agreements by their employer.

Our employment solicitors are experienced in advising in such matters . We are Glasgow city centre based and our lawyers can often come to your workplace to advise groups of employees who have found themselves in such a situation.

Common themes that arise are: How good are the severance terms? and Do I really have an alternative?

A number of our clients have told us that their employers have presented them with compromise agreements which already contain details of a solicitor selected by the employer. An employee has to meet with a solicitor and obtain independent legal advice before a compromise agreement becomes a legally valid document. The employee is free to meet with and be advised by any solicitor they wish to instruct. It can be their own family solicitor or a specialist employment lawyer. Our employment solicitors can assist.

The employer will pay the legal fees of the solicitor at an agreed rate but is not able to in any way influence the legal advice given. The solicitor has a professional duty to the employee to advise them of all available options and to obtain the best deal the employee can obtain.

This often means the solicitor will negotiate improved severance terms before the agreement is signed, particularly where the employee feels their job is not necessarily going to “disappear” and the need for the work they do will continue, even after cutbacks are made.

The view of the Glasgow Law Practice employment solicitors is that employees are free to choose their own lawyer and should do so before making potentially life changing employment decisions.

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