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Police speeding crackdown catches hundreds

In the middle of last month the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) launched a day of action on speeding drivers.

The day of action netted hundreds of speeding drivers, and many others, who were found to have been using mobile phones when driving, failing to wear seat belts or failing to have the proper documentation for driving their vehicle.

In all, the day of action, which was supported by all 8 police forces, resulted in the detection of 554 offences, the majority of which related to “driving at excessive speed”. One driver was caught driving at 70mph in a 40mph zone near Edinburgh airport, while another was recorded driving at 78mph along Maybury Road Edinburgh, which is also a 40mph zone.

“This day of action on speeding and inappropriate drivers was the latest in the series of national ACPOS Campaigns and as can be seen from the figures, far too many drivers continue to drive at excessive speed on the roads of Scotland on a daily basis potentially putting their lives and the lives of others at risk each time,” said Superintendent Denise Mulvaney from Lothian and Borders Police, the ACPOS lead for casualty reduction. “In addition we targeted inappropriate drivers who defy the law by using mobile phones, failing to wear seatbelts or have licences or insurance up to date.

“Among some of the offences detected during our day of action lie some serious offences. Our message is clear – speeding and inappropriate driving risks lives, young and old.”