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Police Scotland Talk Murder & Culpable Homicide in Scotland

With Scotland’s homicide, whether murder or culpable homicide, statistics being recently published, Police Scotland has cautiously welcomed the findings, while reiterating its committed to protected the nation’s people.

The research shows that:

  1. The number of recorded homicide cases in Scotland dropped from 60 to 59 (2%), between 2013-14 and 2014-15 – the lowest number since 1976.
  2. The number of homicide cases in Scotland dropped from 95 to 59 (38%) between 2005-06 and 2014-15.
  3. 77 individuals, 70 of whom were male, were accused of homicide in 2014/15 in Scotland.
  4. The number of homicide victims was 59 victims, 45 of whom were male.
  5. Between 2005-06 and 2014-15 sharp instruments have been the most common killing method. 2014-15 was no different with 56% of victims being killed by sharps.

Commenting on the recent research, Malcolm Graham, who is Assistant Chief Constable with Major Crime and Public Protection, stated:
“Police Scotland is committed to preventing and reducing violence through working in partnership in our communities.

“Homicide rates are now at their lowest since recording began which means fewer victims, fewer families who have lost a loved one and fewer communities affected by this most serious of crimes.

“Since the advent of Police Scotland, every homicide committed has been detected. However, one victim is one too many and one community impacted by the aftershocks which result from such violent crime is one too many.

“We have developed a very high standard of investigating major crimes, including homicide. Our Major Investigation Team (MIT) structure means we have a strong team of experienced specialist investigators supporting local policing wherever and whenever such a crime occurs. MITs have delivered a consistent and professional approach to all such investigations, using specialist skills and the latest investigative techniques and technologies. This ensures flexibility and equity of service across Scotland.
“We work closely with a range of partners, including the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and forensic and pathology services, to ensure that investigations are conducted to the highest possible standards. Recent court outcomes reflect the success of that approach.

“The same rigorous approach is also applied to unsolved cases. We regularly review historical investigations through the prism of today’s investigative standards with the intention of bringing those responsible to justice, often many years after the crime was committed, and bringing closure to families and communities.

“The MIT approach extends beyond homicide investigations. It is applied across all major crime investigations including domestic abuse, serious and organised crime, sexual violence and violence against children by parents or carers. The team is deployed across the country wherever the need arises to support both specialist units and local policing in the investigation of the most challenging and complex crimes.”

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