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Police Scotland Launch Rape Prevention Advert

Police Scotland has launched a post-watershed television advert aimed at reducing the number of rapes across the nation.

The ad, which is part of a larger rape prevention campaign ‘We Can Stop It’, will only shown after 9pm on on-demand services.

With in excess of thirty-three per cent (33%) of reported rapes being carried out by men between the ages of 16 and 27, the advert is specifically targeting this age group.

According to Police Scotland, the campaign takes a ‘perpetrator-focused approach’, which challenges ‘behaviours and attitudes towards consent and rape’.

Commenting, Chief Constable, Sir Stephen House, stated:

“Sex without consent is rape. There are no excuses. If someone is drunk or drugged, they cannot give consent. ‘We Can Stop It’ sends a very clear message – we can and we must prevent rape and sexual assault.

“Police Scotland is working closely with partners to raise awareness and tackle the life-changing impact of sexual crime. We must do all we can to prevent rape and sexual assault, alongside offering all the necessary support and protection to those who are victims of sexual assaults.

“The number of people coming forward to report rape is increasing which is a positive sign that victims are becoming more confident in coming forward, knowing their report will be thoroughly investigated. But we know that this is an under-reported crime.

“We want to encourage people to come forward and to report. Let me be very clear, we will listen and we will act. Our ultimate aim though, with our partners, is preventing these crimes in the first place and this campaign contributes to that work.”

Also commenting, Sandy Brindley, of Rape Crisis, stated:

“Rape Crisis Scotland strongly supports the development of this campaign, which directly targets potential perpetrators of rape. The law is clear – sex without consent is rape, but we need to do much more to increase public awareness around this issue.

“The new advert can play an important part in making sure people, particularly young people, are clear about what rape actually is, and that it can have serious consequences.”

For more information of the campaign or to see the advert, please visit:

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