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Police Scotland Launch Drug Clampdown in Glasgow

Police officers operating in Glasgow have warned that there is no hiding place for criminals operating in the city.

The warning comes after eleven people were arrested by police in connection with alleged drugs offences during a crackdown on serious and organised crime. Sniffer dogs and extra police officers were drafted to the Possilpark and Saracen areas during an offence on suspected criminals who were carrying out drug offences and other serious crimes in the area.

The operation, titled Operation Induna, culminated in a substantial number of arrests and dawn raids on suspected criminals. According to Police Scotland, ten people were arrested in connection with alleged drug offences while another was detained by officers in connection with alleged drug and firearm offences.

Drug Offences Glasgow

Before the morning raids in the area, seven people had been arrested in Glasgow for drug offences with police insisting that there was no haven for those who wished to commit crimes.

Chief Inspector Joe McKerns insisted that this type of activity was merely the start of a bigger operation to tackle crime in Glasgow. He said: “I want to stress that these results are only the start of this operation.

“This is just the beginning of sustained activity, which aims to tackle violence, drugs offences, anti-social behaviour and organised crime.

“It’s not just a one-week operation, this is ongoing and will remain ongoing for some time.”

It was also revealed by the Chief Inspector that police had more than 60 dedicated officers as part of the operation and that their initial clampdown was part of an on-going battle against drug offences in the city.

Following the raids, Police Scotland also confirmed that the number of police patrols were going to increase in the Possilpark area and throughout the city of Glasgow.

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