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Police Scotland Aiming to Cut Road Traffic Offences

Road Users, whether motorists or motorcyclists, should be aware of the ever growing presence of Police Scotland’s Road Policing Division on the highways and byways across the country.

While the Division’s focus (at this time) is on roads where motorcyclists are known to speed, all motorists throughout Scotland should ensure they are driving safely and certainly within the relevant speed limits.

Scotland’s Police officers will operate from both bikes and cars and will be stopping and advising road users but also enforcing legislation where appropriate.

Commenting, Iain Murray, who is the Chief Superintendent and Head of Road Policing, stated:

“In the past few months, Police Scotland is aware that a number of collisions involving motorcycles have occurred on rural roads when the rider has been overtaking or negotiating left hand bends. Sadly, many of these resulted in the loss of life.

“I would urge road users to be alert at all times while driving or riding; only overtake if it is completely safe to do so and slow down for bends, especially when it is a blind bend and you cannot see what is around the corner.

“If you are approaching a slower moving vehicle, reduce your speed, and take time to consider why it is slowing – the vehicle in front might be reacting to something you can’t see or might be preparing to turn right.”

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