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Police Conduct a Major Crackdown on Robberies in Glasgow

Police Scotland arrested and locked up more than 500 criminals in the last six months following break-ins in the city according to a new report.

Operation Neighbourhood has resulted in the arrest of over 500 criminals linked to more than 560 offences in Glasgow alone as part of a major clampdown on robberies in Glasgow.

Rise in Convictions Following Theft and Robberies

As a result of the police efforts, robberies and thefts in homes, cars and businesses have fallen by 27% since July.  This equates to more than 500 fewer crimes than in the same period in the previous year.

Senior officers have stated that such a drastic drop in crime must be related to the sustained efforts of the Glasgow police force. According to police reports, as a result of the clampdown on burglaries and theft, they have arrested suspects behind 262 break-ins at homes, businesses and stores, as well as culprits in almost 300 vehicle crimes.

Detective Superintendent Stevie Grant, head of Greater Glasgow CID, said: “Operation Neighbourhood was set up to proactively target housebreakings and acquisitive crime.

“Our aim was to reduce the number of victims, and we have already seen a reduction in the number of housebreakings.

“Since Operation Neighbourhood was launched, there has been a 26.5% reduction in housebreakings – resulting in 500 fewer crimes, against this time last year.  We have also had an 11.6% reduction in vehicle crimes, which equates to 465 fewer vehicle crimes in Glasgow.

“We have made significant improvements, but there are still improvements to be made, and we will continue to make housebreakings and acquisitive crime a priority.”

Despite the success in preventing the number of break-ins, Detective Grant stated that they would continue to clamp down on break-ins to prevent such incidents from occurring.

The crime has focussed on vehicle theft and break-ins with Police Scotland admitting that in regards to the theft of goods they have already had remarkable success due to the “find my iPhone” apps and other similar designs.

The news regarding the decrease in the number of crimes in Glasgow comes after a report found that Glasgow has lowered crime levels by more than 50% in the last ten years with the crime rate now being similar to Edinburgh. In 2004, the city had around 80 crimes per 100,000 people but this has since lowered to 30 in 2014.

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