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Online Crimes Pushing up Overall Crime Rate

Online offences are significantly increasing the number of criminal offences seen across the country according to a number of experts.

A new report has warned that cyber crime is increasing the numbers of recorded crime in Scotland with HM Inspector of Constabulary Derek Penman warning that online crimes are reshaping the way many criminals operate. As well as this, his report claims that crimes occurring online make it harder for police officers to investigate and justice to prevail.

The annual report from Derek Penman also spoke of some of the issues that are becoming more frequent for police officers. The report noted the force’s overall performance remains strong; he found “major financial challenges persist” and morale among officers and staff is mixed.

He also highlighted issues surrounding the commitment to having 1,000 extra officers, saying the increased use of police officers performing backroom tasks is “not sustainable”.

Rise of Online Crimes in Scotland

As the internet continues to grow for financial and other matters, crimes have also increased. Social media and other platforms have led to cyberbullying and there has been a drastic increase in regards to social media hate crimes, all of which, according to the HM Inspector of Constabulary shows the true changing nature of crime. His report warned that: “The nature of crime is changing and increasingly taking place online where it can be more difficult to identify, record and investigate.

“As Police Scotland improves its response to these new and emerging threats, it is likely that volume crimes including fraud and other cyber-enabled offences will increase significantly and impact on the historic reductions in reported crime.

“There are concerns that both increasing and changing demands are combining with reduced availability of officers within local policing to impact on the ability to provide an effective service,

“Through our various inspections, I have observed the reduction in skilled police staff, increases in overtime and increased use of police officers in corporate functions and other settings, including projects.

“This is not sustainable in the medium to longer term, and there is a need to accelerate the development of a wider workforce strategy that articulates the optimum balance of police officers and police staff needed to deliver the policing of Scotland within a balanced budget.”

He added: “Although Police Scotland has reported that more than £130 million of savings targets have been achieved in the first two years, there remains a need for both the SPA and Police Scotland to be clear about future structures and have accessible transition plans that will deliver sustainable savings.”

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