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Nursery Closures – Concerns for Staff and Parents


CHILDCARE subsidies for public sector workers have been put in doubt following the announcement that the HMRC is to close eight in-house nurseries.
A total of 300 nursery places are provided by private company Bright Horizons at the Government buildings, one of which is in East Kilbride outside Glasgow. In England, another two nurseries for staff of the Land Registry have closed.
Although parents and unions are campaigning against the closures, the owners say they have no choice but to close in November due to dwindling numbers. There are now fears that other nurseries which depend on public sector clients to meet their costs could be at risk.
Courtney Donaldson, director of childcare and education with corporate services firm Christie and Co, said: ‘All Government departments are worried about budgets, and are likely to be watching their purse strings. Closing highly-subsidised workplace settings could be one way for them to minimise expenditure.

‘In contrast, we are seeing a growth in corporate nurseries, especially across the banking and finance sector. Corporate employers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that workplace nurseries can bring, in terms of unique selling points in recruiting new staff and having the ability to provide emergency care should a parent’s normal childcare arrangements break down unexpectedly.’
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