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New Clydeside Police Squad as City Centre Rates Fall

Police Scotland have announced that a new Clydeside unit has been created to protect Glaswegians on the eight miles of river in the city.

The move comes in a bid to tackle anti-social behavior, break-ins and reduce crime on the banks of the Clyde.

A pilot scheme of police officers on bikes along Clydeside saw a rise of 35% of offences on the previous year, with an 8% decrease in sexual crimes and offences in the same period from 2013.

“Synonymous with anti-social behaviour”

Sgt Darren Hughes, the officer in charge of the new Clydeside unit, said: “Over the years, due to its location, the Clydeside is synonymous with anti-social behaviour, drugs offences and sexual crime. Certain sections also attract vulnerable people some of whom want to cause themselves harm.

“The area patrolled by the team was originally covered by officers from five individual sub divisions each dealing with any issues or crime separately.

“In an effort to have a more streamlined, intelligence-led approach to tackling crime, the unit was created to act as a deterrent, positively impacting on crime as well as providing public reassurance and keeping people safe.

“Since we started there has been a significant increase in detections for overall crime in the area.”

He added: “Last year we saw a substantial rise in the number of visitors to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games and an increased police presence could account for the rise in detections as well as providing public reassurance.”

Councillor Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “Crime rates in Glasgow continue to fall thanks to the hard work of our colleagues at Police Scotland. We’re delighted to have been able to contribute towards the funding for the new Riverside Unit and I look forward to welcoming the enhanced police presence around the Clydeside.”

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