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New Campaign Highlights Pregnancy Discrimination at Work

ALMOST half of all women who told their employers they were pregnant went on to face problems at work, according to a new rights campaign.
The charity Maternity Action  say their figures show that 45 per cent of women have reported facing some form of discrimination because of their pregnancy. Around seven per cent – which is 30,000 women – believed they lost their jobs for that reason.
Maternity Action has launched a campaign to inform  women of their rights after they tell their employers they are pregnant. For the worst-case scenario, they advise on the right to bring a claim at the Employment Tribunal for pregnancy-related dismissal.
Any decision to remove a woman from her role because of her pregnancy would give her an automatic claim for both compensation for lost wages and damages for injury to feelings. The charity have launched a video which explains the process:

*Last year the Glasgow Law Practice obtained awards of £18,000 and £19,000 from the Employment Tribunal for two women dismissed by employers in Hamilton and Glasgow after informing them they were pregnant. Another case will be heard by the Employment Tribunal shortly..
The Glasgow Law Practice can give advice to any employees who feel their have been discriminated against. We also advise employers on the steps they need to take to avoid any action being taken against them. Initial advice is free. Contact