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Most common motoring convictions

New research, released recently by, reveals the top ten motoring convictions that have taken place on UK roads. 

The most common driving offence was speeding, at 49% of customers of who had a motoring conviction during the sample period. This was followed by motorists caught driving with hand-held devices 10%, while alcohol related motoring convictions, which was number 6 on the “chart”, contributed to 5% of all offences.

Other common driving offences are: Failing to comply with traffic signals; exceeding the speed limit on a motorway; driving while uninsured against third party risks and driving without due care and attention.

As well as the criminal sanctions which can include penalty point, fines and a driving ban, points out that any driving conviction is likely to have an adverse and at times quite considerable, effect on such a drivers insurance premium. In a sample quote in which the hypothetical driver was: a 30 year old female marketing manager in Cardiff driving a 2003 Mini Cooper, 6,000 miles a year with 5 years NCD and parked on driveway, a conviction for driving uninsured against third party risks increased her insurance premium by a whopping 131%.

While this was the highest increase for any of the ‘top ten’ convictions, all of them increased the hypothetical driver’s insurance premium to some extent, adding yet another reason for today’s cash-strapped driver to proceed with caution!