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Police ‘Stop and Search’ Powers

The Scottish Government has published a code of practice setting out the principles that determine when police can use ‘stop and search’ powers.

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Police Stop and Search “Disproportionate” Number of Young People

According to the Police Scotland public scrutiny body, the focus on stop and search continues to be on young people.

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One Year Old Amongst 356 Children Stopped-and-Searched

A one-year-old was one of the 356 minors stopped and searched across Scotland according to a Freedom of Information Act.

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Buried Statistics Show Stop and Search by Police Scotland Nine Times Higher Than by NYPD

The Scottish Police Authority discovered that the rate of searches carried out by Police Scotland was nearly nine times higher than the rate in the New York Police Department , but did not include the startling comparison in its final report.

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No Knives, Better Lives

A successful knife crime education campaign which has seen knife carrying reduce by 35% during a pilot in Inverclyde is to be rolled out to six new areas in Scotland.

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