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Police Campaign Targets Drink and Drug Drivers

Police Scotland carried out 3,619 breath tests during a week-long campaign to tackle drink and drug driving across the country. From these tests, 121 drivers were detected for drink or drug driving offences.

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Calls for Stricter Limits on Drink Driving

There is growing public demand for more action to tackle drink driving across the UK, a new survey by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line has revealed.

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Glasgow Areas in top ten Drink-Driving Hotspots

New data from a Freedom of Information request has revealed that some areas of Glasgow are in the top ten most common areas for drink driving offences.

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Crackdown on Motorists Causes Rise in Criminal Convictions Across Scotland

For the first time in seven years in Scotland, the number of criminal proceedings and convictions has risen, with the police crackdown on motorists said to be the reason.

There was a four per cent rise in criminal cases and convictions in 2013/14, marking an increase of almost 5,000 proceedings in Scotland's courts. However, a report released by the Scottish Government shows that over the year there was an increase of more than 4,800 motoring convictions, which shows the rise has been driven by Police Scotland's "operational practice".

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25% increase in deaths caused by drink driving

There has been a 25% increase from 2011 in the number of deaths occurring as a result of drink driving, according to new statistics released by the Government.

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Drink driving message not getting through

The message to motorists about the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs does not appear to be getting through, according to the latest figures.

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