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International Operation Targets Organised Crime

A large scale operation coordinated and supported by Europol and Frontex has targeted organised crime groups and their infrastructures across the EU.

Operation Dragon is the fourth cooperative international law enforcement operation under the EU Policy Cycle targeting serious and organised crime in the EU and globally, and involved actions in hundreds of locations between June and October 2017. Law enforcement authorities from more than 60 countries played a part in the operation.
The aim of the operation was to disrupt the activities of criminal groups involved in the following crime areas: payment card fraud, facilitation of illegal immigration, cybercrime, synthetic drugs/cocaine/heroin trafficking, firearms trafficking, euro counterfeiting, organised property crime, excise fraud and trafficking in human beings.
As part of Operation Dragon, law enforcement authorities assigned thousands of police, border and coast guard as well as customs officers to actions that focused on key hot spots in the EU, with the aim of having a lasting and significant impact on serious and organised crime, disrupting criminal groups and their activities for months or even years to come.
One such action conducted as part of Operation Dragon was Global Airport Action Day, which focused on the fraudulent online purchases of flight tickets using compromised or stolen credit card data. Europol highlights that this type of fraud is a facilitator for other serious and organised criminal activities, such as document fraud, facilitation of illegal immigration, trafficking in human beings and drugs trafficking.
This targeted action resulted in 153 suspects being detained/denied boarding and/or charged, 312 suspicious transactions reported, and multiple links to other crimes identified.

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