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Guardianship Orders; Financial and Welfare Orders

Let us help you to help your child with special needs as they become an adult at 16 years of age.   Does your child have Learning Difficulties; Cerebral Palsy, suffered a Brain Injury or a diagnosis of Autism?   You should apply to the court for Guardianship orders, and we can do it for you.  


A Welfare Guardianship order can give you the necessary powers to make decisions for your child’s care, education and employment, perhaps with a view to moving towards supported or independent living.  

Financial Guardianship will enable you to obtain the necessary funding for the appropriate supporting care; to receive income and benefits; and to pay for services for your child’s needs.   In time you can assist your child with independent living to include acting to buy or rent appropriate accommodation and involve specialist care services and personal carers for support.  

Act now for your child’s benefit and avoid the frustration of the Authorities saying you cannot act on your child’s behalf as you would wish. 


Guardianship – Brain Injury  

Welfare Guardianship and Financial Guardianship can assist if your loved one or child has suffered a brain injury (an acquired brain injury) perhaps caused by a traffic, sporting or work place accident; an assault; CV disease or an illness other than a degenerative illness. 

We understand that a brain injury can cause a variety of symptoms to include the inability to understand and communicate; poor planning and problem solving skills; poor perception recognition and judgement; the lack of initiative and the lack of insight such that the injured person may not be aware of the changes.   These symptoms may be temporary and lessen with rehabilitation, but for a period of time the brain injured may lack capacity and need your assistance as Guardian to act on their behalf and for their benefit. 

A Guardianship order can be for a restricted period of time, to allow for monitoring and reconsideration as the Adult’s ability to act for himself as he improves.  

A Financial Guardianship order will allow you to deal with Adult’s bank accounts, access his funds to buy what he needs; pay his bills and to pay for required services. 

Welfare Guardianship will enable you to access medical and personal information; be fully involved in discussions for his medical treatment and rehabilitation; and ensure that you are heard by the Authorities and agencies and involved in monitoring and review of his care package.

Families are the source of long term support and direct assistance to the injured person.  Let us give you the legal powers to do what you need to do.