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Government Publishes Digital Strategy for Justice in Scotland

This week (20 August 2014) the Scottish government published the Digital Strategy for Justice in Scotland. The Strategy aims to create a more modern, user-focussed justice system.

The new system will use digital technology which will give more efficient and effective justice and value for money. The changes are to be implemented across administrative, civil and criminal justice.

The aim of the strategy is to transform they way information is provided to the public, and also to vastly improve the way the justice system is delivered.

The Government has said that they will continue to seek the opinion and needs of those who use the service, in order to continually adapt and develop the service.

The user-centric Strategy has three core objectives: To allow individuals and businesses to access the information they require, when they require it. To create fully digitised justice systems To make data work for the justice system and for the people. The Government has commented on their website:

“We live in an increasingly digital world where how we live and how we work is being influenced by technology. Our justice systems are changing to, and we want to be at the forefront of this innovation and use the new technologies to shape our Justice systems of the future.”

The Government has added that the Strategy looks to build an inclusive and respectful society where everyone can live in safety and security, “where individual and collective rights are supported and disputes are resolved fairly and swiftly”

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