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Glasgow Rape Crisis “Notable Increase In People Affected by Rape.”

A leading sexual abuse charity has stated that there has been a notable increase in the number of people turning to them following a sexual assault.

Over the last four years, Glasgow Rape Crisis has seen a surge in the number of callers with the Glasgow charity noting a 170% increase in the number of phone calls regarding rape.

Rise in Rape Victims Coming Forward

According to figures, the centre received 2142 calls between April 2011 and March 2012, a monthly average of around 180 calls. However, this has increased significantly this year as there have already been 3448 calls by victims looking for help, an average of almost 500 calls a month.

As well as an increase in immediate support over the phone, the group have increased the number of people they see at the centres with 184 people arranging a drop in sessions.

Isabelle Kerr, a centre manager for the charity, stated that the rise in the number of people coming to the centre may not mean that there is an increase in the number of rapes stating that improved links with Police Scotland and changes in legislation have all contributed to the surge in people contacting the organisation.

Isabelle said: “Due to the very nature of sexual violence, we can’t say whether there is an increase in the number of incidents but survivors do feel more confident seeking support and speaking out now about it. That in itself is another reason the numbers are increasing.”

Earlier this year the Scottish Government pledged an additional £1.85million to help victims of sex crimes, with Rape Crisis Scotland being given cash to fund dedicated local services in more remote areas of Scotland.

Worrying New Survey Regarding Rape in Scotland

The news regarding the increase in the number of people reporting rape and seeking help comes after a worrying new survey revealed that 58% of Scots said a woman who wore revealing clothing on a night out was ‘not at all to blame’ for being raped. Furthermore, 60% said the same of a woman who was very drunk.

The figures that come from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey have, according to some female charities, shown the “deep-rooted” problems in Scottish society.

Justice Secretary Alex Neil said: “It’s a tragic fact that women and girls in Scotland and across the world are at risk of, and experiencing, violence and abuse just because they are women.”

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