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Five of Britain’s Daftest Criminals

Fictional works often use the term “criminal mastermind” to describe their Machiavellian anti-heroes. Fact is often stranger than fiction and the following show that many real-life criminals are anything but masterminds!

1. Burglar who left a trail of footprints

First, when Darlington police were called to a house in Darlington to investigate a break-in they could not have thought that they would have had the crime solved in less than two hours.

According to the Independent, hapless thief Lewis Ward had stolen an iPad from the house, but left snow on the carpet. When the home-owner noticed the marks she realised what had happened, and called the police. The police then followed the set of snowy footprints from the victim’s house to Mr Ward’s home…

2. Stolen bike sold back to its owner

Bike theft is a common crime, and it is usually very difficult to get the bike back. Not so, for the owner of one stolen bike, who spotted it being ridden by someone a few months later. According to the York Press, the thief, Kevin Naylor, then agreed to meet the owner, who paid him £30 for the bike – and then called the police…

3. Tag tips off police

Norfolk man Richard Almaraoui was jailed for five years recently after he broke into a flat while wearing an electronic ankle tag – which recorded all of his movements.

According to the Daily Mail, police had recovered a stolen laptop from his home, and were then able to use the data from the tag to show that he had been in the victim’s flat.

4. Thief who stole ‘fake’ flat screen TV

All that glitters is not gold, as burglar Christopher May realized after stealing a flat screen television from a swanky penthouse apartment. Unfortunately for him, the property was a show home, and the TV was a fake, with no wiring.

According to the Metro, district judge David Cooper told May, “You said you felt stupid about it and you had a right to feel stupid and a right to feel guilty – house burglary is a serious matter.”

5. Phone thief answers call

And last but not least, when Tony Jones became the victim of a burglary in which his mobile phone, among other things, was stolen, he thought that he would phone the mobile to see if anyone answered…

“He picked up the phone and gave his name,” Mr Jones explained to the Telegraph. “I said: ‘Thank you very much’, and cut him off. It didn’t take the police long to find him.”

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