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First cold case murders identified for re-investigation

The first murders for re-investigation by the Crown Office Cold Case Unit (CCU) have been identified from a list of 93 cases on a new ‘Unresolved Homicide Database’. Five deaths with victims aged 20 to 59, and spanning 25 years from 1974 to 1999, have been prioritised for immediate investigation by the police as there are identifiable suspects.

The Unresolved Homicide Database ensures the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service has a comprehensive record of unresolved murders in Scotland. It contains information about the facts of each of those cases; an account of what has happened in the past; and the current status of investigations.

Centralising that data, and placing it under the control of the specialist Cold Case Unit (CCU), ensures the most effective use of resources. It allows the CCU to centrally review cases in a methodical and structured manner. Investigations will take place with the benefit of the CCUs knowledge and experience of the national picture of unresolved homicides.
The Database will also ensure that the CCU can prioritise those cases where advancements in evidence gathering techniques may make the vital breakthrough. This will create a more focussed relationship with the police and the Scottish Police Services Authority allowing resources to be targeted towards cases which may open up through the probing of today’s investigations.