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Fall in Crime against UK Businesses

There has been a sharp drop in crimes committed against UK businesses, according to recently released figures from AXA Business Insurance.

AXA’s figures show:

  • A 31% drop in business crime on the previous year, and decreases recorded in 87% of postcode areas.
  • Almost one in 20 businesses experienced a crime serious enough to launch a claim (the comparable figure four years ago was one in ten businesses).
  • Theft – the most common business crime – became less costly, with the average claim falling by 10%.
  • A 33% rise in the overall cost of business crime was entirely connected to the higher cost of arson and vandalism claims; where the trend is towards fewer, but more serious incidents.

Looking at Scotland’s figures in particular, they showed a fall in business crime on a level with the rest of the UK as a whole.   However, on a more local level, Paisley stood out, pushing ahead of Glasgow and Edinburgh in its business crime rate.  Aberdeen and Galashiels were apparently among the few locations in the country to see rising crime rates.

“It’s easy to link these falling crime figures solely to economic recovery and better employment rates – and certainly we’d expect to see less motivation for opportunistic thefts and burglaries in this climate,” commented Darrell Sansom, Managing Director at AXA Business Insurance.

“However, it’s clear that the crime rates for business are falling faster than for the general population,” he added. “The Office of National Statistic reports a 14% drop in crime in roughly the same time period as we’ve seen a 31% drop.”

“In our experience, this is partly explained by businesses improving on their crime prevention measures, being more aware of crime and, as their profitability increases on the back of economic recovery, actually having the resources to invest in good security measures,” he concluded.

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