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Falkirk’s Road Criminals and Metal Thieves Targeted by Police Scotland

British Transport Police’s UK-wide operation ‘Scandium’ recently came to Scotland with in excess of one hundred drivers in Falkirk being stopped for checks.

The operation is designed to tackle criminal use of the road but particularly to ensure scrap metal dealers and traders know of their responsibilities under the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015.

Aiding Police officers with the checks were representatives from Scottish Fire and Rescue, Falkirk Council, SP Power Networks, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Scottish Business Resilience.

The checks led to:
• 17 metal traders being interviewed and advsied by Trading Standards
• 1 warning being issued for scrap metal trading without a local authority licence.
• SEPA speaking to 60 drivers/occupants
• 8 prohibition notices being issued
• 4 vehicles being immediately banned from continuing their respective journyes
• 43 vehicle defects being reported for rectification within 21 days,
• 21 warnings being issued for minor faults

Commenting, Stephen Innes, Chief Inspector and Area Commander for Road Policing, stated:

“Today’s activity is the first of a series of road checks we will be carrying out alongside British Transport Police and other partners under Operation Scandium. Whilst we want to educate those who use scrap metal dealers of the changes coming into force, particularly around cashless transactions, we are also using our partnership activity to disrupt those using the road network to commit crime.

“Metal theft strikes right at the heart of communities, whether it is phone cabling stolen, lead removed from church roofs or catalytic converters taken from vehicles. Once metal is stolen, it has to be transported and disposed of somewhere. By denying criminals the use of our roads, we can keep our routes and our neighbourhoods safe.”

Also commenting, Stuart Wilson a Temporary Chief Inspector, stated:

“Although metal and cable thefts have been reduced any incident is still extremely disruptive, costly and inconvenient. Operation Scandium, which is supported by the Scottish Government, is a multi agency phase of activity designed to educate and inform scrap metal dealers and those who trade in scrap metal around their responsibilities under the legislation which will be introduced in the New Year.”

Commenting further, Roddy MacMillan, a Police Scotland Sergeant, added:

“Road safety is one of three community priorities we are tackling as part of Operation Core in Forth Valley, alongside drugs and violence. Our high-visibility checks today support our efforts to make our roads safer for everyone, and by carrying out these stops we have made motorists think about their driving behaviour as well as the condition and roadworthiness of their vehicles.”

Jim Blackwood, of Falkirk Council commented:

“We are fully behind Police Scotland in this kind of operation as we are able to share intelligence that can be used across a number of services to protect the public and prevent others from being scammed. It also sends a clear message to rogue traders that there will be tackled wherever they are found.”

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