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Do You Think You Might Have a Claim?

If you have suffered an accident or been injured through someone else’s fault and negligence in the last three years then please contact us.

We may still assist if the accident is caused through your own fault and the fault of someone else. We can discuss this with you.

Court proceedings would only be raised in the event of the Defenders failing to respond timeously to your claim. It is the only sanction for delay on the part of the Defenders. It is important that the Defender/Insurers know that you are in a position to raise Court action in the event of delay or a dissatisfied response.

Most cases do not go to Court. If your case does it will be for a very good reason. We will not raise Court proceedings without your permission. You will be involved in the process and we will guide you every step of the way.

The personal injury Solicitors at Glasgow Law Practice know the law. Your claim will be handled by a Solicitor with whom you have easy access – allowing you easy access to justice.

We are a dedicated team of glasgow based lawyers; committed to our clients and achieving successful results for them or their families.

We have a 100% success rate for every Court action raised.

Contact us for more advice on this area. We would be happy to assist.