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Bail Offences

Bail is granted by the court in order to prevent a person who has been charged with a crime being detained in prison for a potentially lengthy period of time before their case comes to court. Bail is normally granted with conditions – if these conditions are breached, the consequences can be serious.

Bail Solicitors Glasgow

Bail will be granted in cases where the Sheriff, Judge or has been persuaded by the accused person’s lawyer that the accused person can be trusted to adhere to certain conditions.

If you are released on Bail, it is an offence to fail to appear at court for any hearing of which you have been notified. You will also commit an offence if you fail to adhere to any conditions which the court has imposed, such as a prohibition on contacting witnesses.

When will Bail be refused?

You will be refused bail if the sheriff thinks that there are good reason why you shouldn’t be granted bail. Normal reasons include a previous criminal record or already being on bail.

Bail Undertakings

You can also be released on bail with a ‘bail undertaking’ – usually this is an undertaking to attend court on a specified date.

If you are on bail, it is important that you understand what is required of you:

You must not:

  • Engage in any other form of criminal behaviour whatsoever
  • Interfere with the course of justice – this means you must not approach witnesses or others involved in the case or interfere with evidence

You must:

  • Comply with any procedure necessary to deal with your case e.g. the preparation of Social Work Reports
  • Attend court when your case calls – the dates will be notified to you in advance.

Legal Aid Solicitors Glasgow

We are members of The Law Society of Scotland and are registered to provide Legal Aid by The Scottish Legal Aid Board. Legal Aid may be available in many cases.

24 Hour Help

We understand that being accused of a crime is a stressful experience. That’s why we provide 24 hour assistance for emergencies and effective representation should you require to appear before any court.

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