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Crime in Glasgow Falling While Edinburgh Crime Rate Increases

There have long been stereotypes between Glasgow and Edinburgh with the former known across the UK for crime and violence while Edinburgh was associated with safety and affluence.

However, according to latest statistics the gap between crime in Edinburgh and Glasgow is smaller than ever with Glasgow’s crime rate falling whilst the capital’s continues to rise. The latest crime figures between the two cities show that rates between the two are closer than ever before with crime on the rise in Edinburgh but decreasing in Glasgow.

According to statistics, if trends stay at the same rate for just another 12 months then the cities will have exceptionally similar crime rates.

Glasgow Crime Rate in Comparison to Edinburgh

There were 47,000 crimes officially recorded in Glasgow in the last financial year, not including the administrative and less serious crimes that were categorised as “offences”. Indeed, the city has been at the centre of many positive crime stories with knife crime hitting a 29-year low as we mentioned in a previous blog.

At the same time, there have been a number of damaging revelations for the Police in the capital after it was revealed that in two years, the capital’s police force had failed to solve a single crime inside the Scottish Parliament in two years.
The crime rate in Glasgow compares to 36,000 crimes in the same categories in the capital. However, Glasgow is bigger than Edinburgh and it is only when you compare the crime rate per 10,000 people, the international standard measure, that the figures and similarities can be seen. The crime rate per 10,000 in Glasgow was 802.5 in 2014-15, down 5.3%. In Edinburgh, it was 738.2, up 0.5%. Under the new centralised police system crime in Glasgow has fallen by 10% while, at the same time, crime in the capital has increased by 14%. In 2012-13 crime in Glasgow was 37% higher than Edinburgh, now it is just over 8% higher.

In 2012-13, the rate for serious violent crime, including murder, robbery or serious assault was 29.6 per 10,000 in Glasgow 43% higher than Edinburgh’s rate that was 20.6 per 10,000. Glasgow now has a violent crime rate of 22.8 per 10,000. Robberies and rape were some of the most serious crimes that were significantly more common in Edinburgh.

Reasons for Decrease in Crime in Glasgow

There are many explanations for the drop in crime in Scotland and Glasgow overall with some stating that the centralised police force is aiding Scotland’s largest city. Others have stated that the attitude of the police in recording crime has been different resulting an issue in recording crime between the two cities. Others have stated that many of the groups and campaigns set up to reduce crime have focussed on Glasgow significantly more than Edinburgh.

Fariha Thomas, the councillor who chairs local quango Community Safety Glasgow, said: “This is a helpful reminder that, often, crime statistics tells us as much about policing as they do about crime. Unavoidably, they reflect the priority that is given to detecting and preventing particular offences in our communities.

“It would be a mistake to become complacent, but that focus – along with a closer and more effective partnership approach to community safety – is clearly having an impact on crime in the city and, in many ways, our streets are now safer than ever. Over time, that will have a growing positive impact on our city and its image.”

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Although the crime rate in Glasgow is falling drastically lower than the national average, there is still a significant amount of crime with police utilising stop-and-search often to tackle knife and other types of crime. If you have been arrested, need police station representation or require the advice or representation of our criminal defence lawyers contact us today using our online contact form.