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Children`s Referral Solicitor, Children`s Panel Hearings. The Glasgow Law Practice

Our Glasgow Law Practice solicitors are regularly instructed by parents, children and “relevant persons” in respect of Childrens Referral Hearings which are heard at the Sheriff Court.

These hearings are fixed after a parent or child has not accepted the “statement of facts” that were at issue at the Childrens Panel hearing. When such grounds are denied the Childrens Panel refers the matter to the Sheriff Court for a Sheriff to hear evidence. The Sheriff has to decide “on the balance of probabilities” if the grounds have been established. If the Sheriff makes such a finding the matter is then referred back to the Childrens Panel system. Legal advice is essential in such matters.

Legal Aid is available for Childrens Referral Hearings and The Glasgow Law Practice can assist with advice and representation. Please contact our lawyers on {{CONTACT_NUMBER_CONTENT}} for advice.