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Bail Undertakings and Drink Driving Cases in Glasgow Sheriff and District Courts

Our road traffic lawyers at The Glasgow Law Practice anticipate that we will see the usual seasonal increase in Drink Driving cases .

Our solicitors have significant experience and expertise in advising and representing accused persons in such situations. Conviction will bring mandatory disqualification from driving for a period of at least 12 months.

Our Glasgow solicitors have also seen the Crown utilise more frequently the power they have to seek forfeiture of the motor vehicle involved. It is very important that accused persons facing such a prosecution seek legal advice . You may have a defence to the charge you are facing and may be completely unaware of it.We can help.

Such cases are usually brought into Glasgow Sheriff Court and Glasgow District Court and courts throughout Scotland through the bail undertaking procedure.

People who have been charged with drink related driving offences are usually liberated from a police station with a “pink form” which is a bail undertaking form and which gives a court date usually within a few weeks after the alleged offence. This places the person in a special bail position where should they later fail to attend to court they would face an additional charge in respect of the failure to appear as well as the original allegation.

Our lawyers know the law, how the courts in Glasgow operate and how to achieve the best outcome . We have worked in the courts for years .

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