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ACPOS drink and drug driving campaign

This year’s Summer Drink and Drug Driving Campaign by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) ran from 4th – 11th of June, with all eight Scottish police forces taking part.

Figures released by ACPOS for the first week of the campaign have shown that 111 people were reported for drink driving. A further three people were caught driving whilst being unfit through alcohol and five who were unfit through drugs.

The police have seized 15 vehicles for consideration of forfeiture by the court.

In the Strathclyde area, police caught 44 people driving under the influence of alcohol, a further three were detected driving whilst unfit through alcohol and three were found driving whilst unfit through drugs.

A key message of this year’s campaign has been that those who are caught driving with drugs or excess alcohol in their system more than once will have their vehicles seized and run the risk of them being sold or destroyed. This is in addition to existing penalties which can include a driving ban, substantial fine and even a term of imprisonment.