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Number of High-End Residential Property Sales in Scotland on the Rise

Comparing the last three months of 2014 to the same period in 2013, the number of sales of residential properties costing £1 million or more in Scotland, rose by 9 per cent.

The findings by London-based estate agents Knight Frank show that in the last quarter of 2014, sales that exceeded £1 million, took place in eleven different Scottish local authorities including Edinburgh, East Dunbartonshire, Fife and Aberdeen City.

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Scottish Rents Behind UK Average

Property renting prices in Scotland have risen significantly less than in the rest of the Uk according to a poll from Your Move.

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One Year Old Amongst 356 Children Stopped-and-Searched

A one-year-old was one of the 356 minors stopped and searched across Scotland according to a Freedom of Information Act.

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Are More Consistent Sentences on the Way for Scotland's Criminals?

From October 2015, a new body, namely the Scottish Sentencing Council (SSC) will be address criminal sentencing across Scotland.

In particular, the remit of the SSC, which is due to meet for the first time in November 2015, includes promoting consistency and transparency in Scottish sentencing in the criminal courts, developing and improving sentencing policy, obtaining a better understanding of sentencing practices throughout Scotland, and perhaps most importantly, producing sentencing guidelines for the nation's judiciary.

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Scottish House Prices Rise by 3.4%

Scottish properties have continued to rise at a similar rate to the growth seen at the end of 2014, with property sales also rising since the beginning of the year.

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New Clydeside Police Squad as City Centre Rates Fall

Police Scotland have announced that a new Clydeside unit has been created to protect Glaswegians on the eight miles of river in the city.

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House Prices Across Scotland Rise by 3.4%

According to the Registers of Scotland (RoS), house prices across the country have risen by 3.4% in the past twelve months.

The statistics, reported by Registers of Scotland, cover all residential sales between £20,000 and £1 million and includes that did not involve a mortgage.

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Middle Market to Benefit From Scottish Tax Change

Changes to the rate of property tax are expected to benefit Scottish middle market properties according to the National Association of Estate Agent’s Scotland.

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1,200 Under 10s Involved in Crime

Over 1,200 children under the age of 10 have been involved in crime in the last two years in Scotland according to figures from a Freedom of Information request.

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Scottish Prisons Face Greater Scrutiny After Parliament Approves New System

The Scottish Parliament have approved a reform of the system, which scrutinises Scottish prisons, in order to improve the way prisons are monitored.

Michael Matheson, Justice Secretary, explained: "The previous system for monitoring Scotland's prisons was not as effective as it could be. There was a lack of accountability and significant inconsistencies in the way in which individual visiting committees worked".

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