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Scottish Property Values Rise At Twice English Rates

The value of Scottish properties doubled the rate of English properties in March ahead of the new property tax that came into force in Scotland in April.

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15% Rise in the Number of Homes Registered in Scotland

According to the National House Building Council (NHBC), between January and March 2014 and January and March this year, the number of homes, which were registered in Scotland, increased from 2,771 to 3,189. This represents a rise of 15 per cent.

Looking at the United Kingdom (UK) collectively, with the majority of the country showing strong growth, house building has reached the levels of 2007.

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New Glasgow Property Guide Publsihed

A new property guide focussing on Glasgow's East End has been published as part of our extensive analysis into properties in the area.

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Police Scotland Put 'Most Wanted' Criminals Online

The faces of the most wanted criminals in Scotland have now been made available online.

It is hoped that the newly created section of Police Scotland's website, which was made available from 3 April 2015, will encourage members of the public to help the country's police-force trace said criminals.

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New Finnieston Property Guide Published

Our guide to buying property in the Finnieston area has been published. The guide highlights the hotspots in the area, as well as the property price trends in the last few years.

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Average House Prices in Scotland at Record Level

According to the most recent house price index from Your Move/Acadata, by rising to almost £167,000 in January 2015 – a 1 per cent increase since December 2014 - the average price of houses in Scotland has reached record levels and in doing so, has recovered from the losses, which resulted from the recession.

During the last so-called 'property boom', which peaked in May 2008, the average Scottish house price was £1,200 lower than it is currently.

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Police To Get Tough On Wildlife Crime In Scotland

A new campaign aimed at addressing the problem of wildlife crime in Scotland has been launched by Police Scotland.

Wildlife Crime, which is defined as 'any act that is made illegal in Scotland under legislation with regard to certain birds, animals and plants including their habitats, both on land and at sea', includes badgers persecution, badger persecution, poisoning birds of prey, poaching and trading certain endangered species.

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New Moving to Glasgow Property Guide

Our new guide on buying property in Glasgow's West End has been published on our site. 

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GLP Senior Solicitor Jacqueline Harkins promoted to Associate

The Directors of The Glasgow Law Practice are pleased to advise that senior solicitor Jacqueline Harkins has been promoted to an  Associate of the firm. Jacqueline has been a valuable member of the firm since 2005 and specialises in Family Law matters and Adults with Incapacity including Guardianship and deeds of Power of Attorney. Jacqueline is based at our Muirhead and Saltmarket offices. For full information about Jacqueline view her profile here.

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Under-Reported Crime Costing Scotland £2 Million

New figures have shown that wildlife crime in Scotland is under-reported and costing taxpayers around £2 million a year.

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