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Glasgow Knife Crime Continues to Fall

The number of crimes committed in Glasgow, which involve the use of an offensive weapon has fallen by 14% in the last 12 months and by a staggering 76% since 2006/07.

The number of violent crimes, as well as the number of homicides in Glasgow, have also fallen in the last year, by 12% and 3% respectfully.

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Falkirk’s Road Criminals and Metal Thieves Targeted by Police Scotland

British Transport Police’s UK-wide operation ‘Scandium’ recently came to Scotland with in excess of one hundred drivers in Falkirk being stopped for checks.

The operation is designed to tackle criminal use of the road but particularly to ensure scrap metal dealers and traders know of their responsibilities under the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015.

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Scheme to Tackle Scotland's Domestic Abuse Problem Comes into Force

Following successful pilots in Ayrshire and Aberdeen, a new Police Scotland scheme designed to tackle the problem of domestic abuse/violence across the country, came into force on 1 October 2015.

Under the Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse (Scotland), as known as DSDAS, if a person is concerned that that their partner may have been abusive or violent in the past, they are now able to can contact Police Scotland for information regarding their partner's background.

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Police Scotland Talk Murder & Culpable Homicide in Scotland

With Scotland's homicide, whether murder or culpable homicide, statistics being recently published, Police Scotland has cautiously welcomed the findings, while reiterating its committed to protected the nation's people.

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Sex Crime Victims Get Extra Support from Scottish Government

In a move, which will undoubtedly help support victims of sex crimes across the country, charity, Rape Crisis Scotland is to be given £1.85m from the Scottish Government, Justice Secretary Michael Matheson has announced.

The funding is very much welcomed by all considering that the number of sex crimes in Scotland increased by 11% last year.

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Which UK Cities are Best for Buy to Let Investors?

Scottish cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee are the four of the top five locations across the UK, which offer the best profit for buy to let investors – research has found.

The recent study from property website Zoopla found that at 6:11%, Edinburgh has the best average rental yield. The average rental yield in Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow was shown to be 5.66% 5.11%, 5.07% respectfully.

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Police Scotland Operation Launched to Reduce Drug Offences & Violent Crimes

Police Scotland has launched an ambitious operation, which is aimed at tackling drug supply, violence and road safety in Scotland.

The appropriately named 'Operation Core', will be somewhat limited to Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire. Despite this, it is widely supported across Police Scotland, with over fifty officers outwith the abovementioned areas together with colleagues from the Operational Support Division, getting behind the campaign.

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Illegal Motorcycle Riding Drops by Approx. 40%

The illegal use of motorcycles in Aberdeen has fallen by approximately forty per cent (40%) since the introduction of a Police Scotland operation in April 2015.

Further, only 63 individuals have been charged with related offences over the same period.

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Average Property Prices Rises Across Scotland

House prices across Scotland rose by £4,300 in June squashing fears that the property market would not respond well following the introduction of a new form of tax.

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Police Scotland Aiming to Cut Road Traffic Offences

Road Users, whether motorists or motorcyclists, should be aware of the ever growing presence of Police Scotland's Road Policing Division on the highways and byways across the country.

While the Division's focus (at this time) is on roads where motorcyclists are known to speed, all motorists throughout Scotland should ensure they are driving safely and certainly within the relevant speed limits.

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