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Tighter Controls on Airguns to Begin in July

Owners of airguns and air rifles have six months to ensure that they have a certificate or appropriate permit to avoid prosecution.

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Police Scotland Launch Drug Clampdown in Glasgow

Police officers operating in Glasgow have warned that there is no hiding place for criminals operating in the city.

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New CCTV Cameras Installed in Glasgow

A number of new cameras have been installed in the Govanhill area of Glasgow in an attempt to reduce the number of crimes being carried out in the area.

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Police Stop and Search “Disproportionate” Number of Young People

According to the Police Scotland public scrutiny body, the focus on stop and search continues to be on young people.

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Glasgow Areas in top ten Drink-Driving Hotspots

New data from a Freedom of Information request has revealed that some areas of Glasgow are in the top ten most common areas for drink driving offences.

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Police Conduct a Major Crackdown on Robberies in Glasgow

Police Scotland arrested and locked up more than 500 criminals in the last six months following break-ins in the city according to a new report.

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Glasgow Loses “Most Violent City” Tag

A new report has stated that Glasgow has lost its tag of being the most dangerous city in the UK with Glasgow now having a significantly lower crime rate.

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Online Crimes Pushing up Overall Crime Rate

Online offences are significantly increasing the number of criminal offences seen across the country according to a number of experts.

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Current Situation "Unstable" for Police Scotland

A watchdog has warned that the current situation of Police Scotland is unstable and has warned that a drop in the number of skilled staff could result in an increase in crime.

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Police “Do Not Know Gender” In Many Domestic Abuse Reports

Police officers have failed to record the gender discriminated against in thousands of domestic abuse cases leading to fears that any attempts to reduce the crime are in vain.

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