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Police Drop Colour-Blind Ban After Discrimination Claim

SCOTLAND’S police force has reversed its policy of rejecting officers who are colour-blind after The Glasgow Law Practice began a legal challenge.

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Impact of the Referendum Outcome on the Scottish Property Market

The National association of Estate Agents has commented on how they think the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum will affect the Scottish property market.

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Armed Robbery in Glasgow City Centre - What Could Suspects Be Charged With?

Around noon yesterday (24th September), a gang of four men raided jewellers in the Argyll Arcade between Buchanan Street and Argyle Street in Glasgow. Masked and armed with hammers and axes, the suspects are yet to be identified, although police have recovered a white Volkswagen Golf abandoned in Townhead, believed to be the get away vehicle.

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Fall in Crime against UK Businesses

There has been a sharp drop in crimes committed against UK businesses, according to recently released figures from AXA Business Insurance.

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Oscar Pistorius: Getting Away with Murder

Judge Thokozile Masipa last week cleared Pistorius of both premeditated murder and common murder (dollus eventualis) eventually convicting the paralymic star of the lesser crime of culpable homicide. This post discusses how this decision was reached and why the situation may have been different under Scot’s law.

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Rise in Property Purchases Dependent on Referendum Outcome

This month has seen house buyers make offers for property purchases conditional on the outcome of the referendum, with these offers becoming more common as the day draws closer.

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NMC Brings in New Registration Rules for Overseas Nurses

Nurses and midwives who trained outside Europe will have to pass tests before they are allowed to practice in the UK.

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Winning Expenses in Employment Tribunal Cases

EMPLOYERS who lose Tribunal cases should have to repay up to £1200 in fees as well as the employee’s wage loss, according to a new court ruling.

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Glasgow Sheriff Court struggles with backlog of 1,300 domestic abuse cases

Glasgow Sheriff Court is struggling to handle the number of domestic abuse cases going through the court, with those involved waiting four and a half months for their cases to be heard.

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Domestic Abuse to become a Separate Crime

This week, the Scottish Government announced plans to introduce “Clare’s Law” which will allow individuals to request information from police to find out if their partner has a violent past. However, this has coincided with consideration in England and Wales for a separate crime of domestic abuse to be developed, which has led to calls for similar legislation in Scotland. The crime would relate not to a single incident but to a course of conduct amounting to domestic abuse.

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