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What Will Switching Property Transactional Tax Cost Scotland?

In April 2015 the UK Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) and landfill tax will be ‘switched off’ in Scotland and replaced by the Land and Buildings and Transactions Tax (LBTT) rates.

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COT3 Agreements

A COT3 Agreement is a legally binding agreement which is drafted by ACAS once parties have agreed to settle an Employment Tribunal claim. These agreements can be drafted during the course of Early Conciliation, that is before any claim has been lodged with an Employment Tribunal, or in the course of settlement discussions after a claim has been raised.

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Preventing Miscarriages of Justice in Scottish Criminal Law

The Post-corroboration Safeguards Review has recently published its proposals to help prevent miscarriages of justice following the abolition of corroboration - the requirement for two different and independent sources of evidence in support of each crucial fact before a person is convicted of a crime - in Scotland. The group, led by former High Court judge Lord Bonomy, was appointed by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill after Parliament backed his push to abolish corroboration by only a small majority.

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Wilful Neglect in the Care Sector

The Scottish Government have put forward proposals for the introduction of new legislative measures that make it a criminal offence to deliberately mistreat or neglect people receiving care.

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ACAS Conciliation – use of COT3 Forms

It is now compulsory for all Claimants who are considering making a claim at the Employment Tribunal against their previous employers to complete an Early Conciliation form. This is part of a new scheme which introduced in April 2014 to encourage resolution between parties before it reaches the stage of a claim.

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Increased Money Laundering Investigations Into Law Firms

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental organisations created by the G7 in 1989 to investigate financial crime, will begin its investigations into money-laundering practices in the UK in 2016.

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Cuts to UK Legal Aid – Miscarriage of Justice?

The annual European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice report published on the 8th October 2014 shows that the UK spends £2billion a year on Legal Aid. This figure is 20 times the European average and has resulted in the Government implementing controversial reforms to cut this figure in an attempt to reduce public spending. 

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Blowing The Whistle Online Made Simpler – But Beware Legal Pitfalls

Contact details for more than 70 bodies responsible for investigating whistleblowing allegations have been published online by the UK Government. The law on whistleblowing offers protection to employees but only if they make allegations in a responsible manner to the proper body.

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New Project to Prevent Thefts & Housebreakings is to be Extended in Scotland

A pilot project involving the invisible marking of personal property has been so successful, Police Scotland have said it will be rolled out to other communities across Scotland.

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Police Drop Colour-Blind Ban After Discrimination Claim

SCOTLAND’S police force has reversed its policy of rejecting officers who are colour-blind after The Glasgow Law Practice began a legal challenge.

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