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28 years in jail for Glasgow-based international drug dealers

In an interesting new case which dealt with wrongdoing in a number of foreign countries, three British men were sentenced to a total of 28 years and six months imprisonment at Glasgow High Court.

Matthew Edward and Peter Gordon, both from Glasgow, and Richard Harrison from Liverpool, had previously pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of heroin with an estimated street value of £7,840,000 between 2nd October and 27th November 2012, in locations across Scotland, England, Italy, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands.

The court also imposed Travel Restriction Orders in respect of all three accused. 

Edward was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, and had a ten year Travel Restriction Order imposed.

Gordon was sentenced to seven years six months imprisonment and had a five year Travel Restriction Order imposed.

Harrison was sentenced to nine years imprisonment and had an eight year Travel Restriction Order imposed.

Confiscation proceedings have also been started against all three accused, and are due to start in Edinburgh in the New Year.

The court case was the culmination of a detailed and complex operation involving other agencies including the National Crime Agency and the Guardia di Finanza and specialist prosecutors in Italy.

Travel Restriction Orders (TROs) were introduced in S33 of The Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001. A TRO may be imposed following a conviction for a “drug trafficking offence” where the term of imprisonment is four years or more. If imposed, a TRO prohibits the offender from leaving the United Kingdom at any time for the period for which the order is imposed, and which period commences only upon the release of the offender from custody.

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