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1,200 Under 10s Involved in Crime

Over 1,200 children under the age of 10 have been involved in crime in the last two years in Scotland according to figures from a Freedom of Information request.

Whilst the vast majority of the crimes involved vandalism and theft, there were 11 incidents of violence and 19 of indecency uncovered in the figures.

Alarming Figures

The figures, which were questioned by the Scottish Conservative Party, monitored crimes that were reported, with critics believing more crimes went unnoticed.

The age of criminality in Scotland is eight, however only those ages 12 or above can be prosecuted.

The Scottish Conservative justice spokeswoman Margaret Mitchell said: “These figures are clearly alarming, and should be a cause for concern right across society.

“The obvious question is, what are the parents doing while children this young are running riot?

“More worryingly, this is not an isolated problem affecting one area, but rather an issue right across the country.

“What a sad indictment it is of Scotland in the 21st century that children at such a young age embark on a life of crime.”

She added: “Worse still, experience shows that when an individual goes down that path it is very difficult to turn back.

“Quite simply if these youngsters aren’t dissuaded from criminal activity they face a dismal, dead-end future.”

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